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Ready to meet your fellow creatives from digital agencies, start-ups & brands? Make sure you do not miss out on Digital Dinner!
An evening full of inspiration & networking while enjoying good food and cold drinks. We promise insights & ideas from speakers that will give you a different perspective on work & life.

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Digital Dinner Amsterdam is an initiative of Emerce.
Our Advisory Board: Bert Hagendoorn, Alain Dujardin, Niels van Esch & Henk Haaima.
Our special friends: Pop The Campaign, Merten Foto & Superhero Cheesecake.

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Dinner Date:
15th of October
Dinner starts:
18:00 hrs
Entrepotdok 7-8
1018 AD Amsterdam

Digital Dinner Amsterdam is an initiative of Emerce

Any questions?
Contact Marieke Dekkers
Speakers will be announced soon. But to remind you of our wonderful speakers from last year hereby the overview.
  • Kazumasa Nonaka Kazumasa Nonaka teamLab Japan Talks: Digital Art teamLab is an art collective, interdisciplinary group of ultratechnologists whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, design and the natural world. At Digital Dinner we welcome Kazumasa who has previously worked in the art world, supporting various artists of a diverse range of media, from painting to sculpture. With an education in architecture and work experience in art, he is committed to connecting art and technology. Kazumasa works to realize teamLab’s ideas in physical space alongside other members of teamLab, ranging from engineers, designers, and artists to many others. Kazumasa now manages teamLab’s projects outside of Japan, especially those involving museums and other institutions.
  • Philip Schütte Philip Schütte Random Studio Talks: Interfacing with technology Philip Schütte (1980) is an artist, researcher and designer who graduated at the Royal Academy the Hague and the University of Amsterdam. Philip is fascinated by digital culture and the physical, social and psychological impact of technology. Random Studio and Philip are developing various digital products with a focus on R&D and progressing aesthetics. One of the topics they have consistently been interested in are the ways in which we interact with the technologies around us and the role interfaces play in it. In his talk, Philip will talk about some of their projects in which he tries to challenge and explore the possibilities of current interfacing
  • Paul Skinner Philip Schütte Tellart Talks: Design pushes innovation forward Paul Skinner is Creative Director of Tellart. Paul has overseen a broad spectrum of experience design projects, including early-stage product development, global communications campaigns and large-scale interactive exhibitions.Connectivity and digital technology are changing our world. Paul Skinner talks about shaping the future without being able to predict it. At Digital Dinner Paul will discuss design processes that help explain innovation to an audience. He will show you how to experience and explore alternative futures and create designs for a world we do not yet know.
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